Monday, May 9, 2011

Under Construction?

Whew! I'm really happy with blogspot right now. :) I've been needing to do a very massive site update, to get all my info online, but I never really was sure HOW I wanted it to look. But after helping a friend get her website going, I got this figured out. So, if you read this blog regularly, please bear with me as I fuss and move things around. :) I'm just trying to get things a touch more presentable.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

“The Princess and the Dragon”

by Claudia Carranza

The princess woke up in her bed. She stretched out of her purple blankets and her purple pillows. The sun was bright and happy and its light danced through the window, passed her purple curtains, and onto the purple carpet on her bedroom floor.

The princess flung her purple night gown into the laundry basket. She put on a pretty dress. It was sparkly and had little purple flowers on the sleeves. She always felt pretty when she wore her purple flower dress.

She sat down at her vanity. In the mirror, her reflection smiled back at her. She picked up her hair brush and brushed her brown curly hair. Then, she stood up and went to the balcony, to watch the clouds making shapes in the bright blue sky.

The clouds always made pretty shapes. Today, the clouds were making bunny shapes, and turtle shapes, and train shapes, and worm shapes. Then, the clouds made a dragon shape! The shape was dark blue, and had a shiny silver belly.

Oh no! It wasn’t a cloud! It was a real dragon! The big blue dragon swooped down toward the balcony.

"Oh no," the princess cried out.

She turned and ran back into her bedroom. The dragon landed on the purple balcony and roared. The princess ran out of her room and down the stairs into the pink and purple ballroom. The dragon followed, knocking over the bed with his tail. In the ballroom, the princess found a floor lamp. She picked it up and turned to face her foe, brandishing the lamp like a wizard's staff.

The dragon charged. The princess swung her lamp. The dragon ducked to one side and lashed out with his tail. The princess blocked with her lamp and bonked the dragon on the head. The dragon sat back on his haunches and cried big dragon teardrops.

"Ow, Princess! Ow! My head," sobbed the dragon.

"Oh, I'm sorry dragon," said the princess with remorse, lowering her lamp and approaching to give the dragon a kiss on his head to make the hurt go away.

Just as she drew near, the dragon turned his great head toward her, opened his mouth, and ate her.

“Daddy,” Ahlaura cried out, laughing. Daddy’s hand held the soft blue dragon toy and the princess doll at the same time. His big hand hid the princess against the stuffed dragon's side. He made the dragon and the princess doll whoosh around the purple plastic castle.

Ahlaura jumped up and down. Daddy fell to his back as he tried to keep the dragon swopping and whooshing. Then, Ahlaura wiggled her fingers on Daddy’s tummy, making him laugh and drop the soft dragon toy and the princess doll.

“Alright, you two,” said Mommy from the doorway, smiling. “It’s time for dinner. Clean up and wash hands, please.”

“Okay,” said Ahlaura, picking up her princess doll. “Come on, Daddy. Let’s clean up and eat dinner.”


OMG, Semester is almost over.
And I found my old RP logs.
Blogspot seems like the best place to get them all together. :)
Starting a translocation project to move everything into one place. Forgive the mess and incomplete stories. Hope you enjoy the nearly 10years of writing these logs represent.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Something nice to think about.

Posh Knitters
Post #89571 Babble

I love it when my Mother tells me the story of her “Great Adventure”. She was around 19 or 20 and she had a huge fight with her mother and hopped in her car and ended up driving clear across the United States. She grew up in Los Angeles and felt that people were naturally bitter and selfish. She drove until she ran out of money and stopped at this little cafe and asked if she could wash dishes or something to get a meal and some gas money. They told her they had a little apartment upstairs and she could work as a waitress for a few weeks, or longer if she wanted, until she had enough money to move on. They were the sweetest, kindest people, and didn’t take rent out of her wages and made sure she had enough to eat every day.

My Mother says that as she continued her drive (which eventually landed her in Northern New York state where she met my Father) she met several of these kind of people, and that it really gave her hope that the rest of humanity wasn’t as bitter and nasty as the people she had grown up with in LA.

Every time I meet a nasty person, I just think about my Mother’s story and imagine that somewhere, even if it isn’t right where I am, there are 100 or more people who are nice, for every one person I meet that is nasty.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Resume Update

Claudia I Carranza

401 W. Iris ave • mcallen, texas 78501



1997-current University of Texas-Pan American, Edinburg, TX

n Major: Mathematics, Minor: English; GPA: 3.2

1996-1997 Edinburg North High School, Edinburg, TX

n General Studies; Graduated with Honors.

1993-1996 Science Academy of South Texas, Mercedes, TX

n General Studies; Self Withdrawl.

Professional experience

2010 - current University of Texas-Pan American, Edinburg, TX

Supplemental Instruction Leader: MATH1334 Intermediate Algebra, MATH1440 College Algebra

n Lecture Note Taking, Study Skills, Session Planning, Test-Taking Strategies

2010 University of Texas-Pan American, Edinburg, TX

Scholarship - Teacher Assistant: CSCI1360 Introduction to Computing Concepts

n Grading, Program and Algorithm Troubleshooting, Student Liaison to Professor

2004-2009 CEVA Logistics, McAllen, TX

Global Customer Service Representative

n Employee of the Month June 2006, Multi-system shipment track & tracing, Report Creation and Maintenance, Import and Export shipment tracking, Milestone Compliance and Management, Quoting, Air/Ground Shipment Routing (domestic product), Four-Wall Warehousing and Logistics, Multi-line Phone Switchboard, Account Lead: Motorola, Pentair, Andrew Corporation

2003-2004 Sylvan Learning Center, McAllen, TX

Front Desk Reception

n Inbound Sales Calls, Outbound Sales Full-Up, Money Handling, Appointment Book Keeping for Parent-Director Conferences, Multi-line Phone System

2000-2002 Sylvan Learning Center, Round Rock, TX

Prescription Quality Review Manager / Lead Instructor / Diagnostician

n Teacher of the Month 2001, Beginning Reading (PK-1), Academic Reading (2-8), Academic Writing, Study Skills, Beginning Math (1-8), Algebra I & II, Homework Support, Individual Curriculum Writing and Review, Parent/Director Conference Prep, Achievement Recognition: Student, Diagnostic Testing and Review (All Levels), Instruction Materials Preparation

Summer 1996 Colors Clown Company, Rio Grande Valley, TX

Children’s Entertainer

n Balloon Sculpting, Face Painting, Event Coordination, Singing, Dancing, Keeping Children Engaged and Happy, Minor Food Handling (Cake/Candy), Money Handling, Party Size: 10-50


n English – Native Speaker, Read & Write Fluidly

n Spanish – Conversational, Read & Write Comfortably

Community activities

2010 - current EAGL Undergraduate Research, UTPA, Edinburg, TX

Lab Manager 2010-2011

n Instructional Supplies Management, Technical Writing, Website Updates, Digital Photography, Project Specific Instruction.

2006 - current South Texas Rolleristas Roller Derby League, Weslaco, TX

League Manager 2010-2011; New Girl Representative 2008-2010; Sponsorship Committee 2008-2010; Secretary 2006-2007

n Basic Skills Training, Morale Building, Team Building, Fundraisers, Sponsorship Kit Writing, Sales/Marketing, Skater Files & Record Keeping, Organizational Management, Constitution Writing.

1992 - current High Fantasy Society: Kingdom of Silver Spire, McAllen, TX

Secretary/Treasurer “Chancellor” 1999-2009; Public Relations 1992-2009; Vice-President “Regent” 2003-2007; Founding Lady: House Trakand 1999-current

n Weekly Attendance, Record Keeping, Money Handling, Printing, Web Site Design and Maintenance, eMail List Maintenance, General Public Relations, Basic Skills Training, Morale Building, Event Coordination, Storyline Building, Costuming, Constitution Writing, Costuming, Heraldry Creation, Storyline Building.


High Fantasy Society: Kingdom of Silver Spire McAllen, TX

n Mistress of the Rose – Service to the Organization

n Knight of the Hart – Exemplary Arts & Science within the Organization

n Order of the Chalice – Best of Show at Inter-Chapter Tournament

n Order of the Veil – Exemplary Role-Play within the Organization

n Order of the Harp – Exemplary Musical Ability within the Organization

n Order of the Quill – Exemplary Writing Ability within the Organization

PEO Continuing Education Grant Edinburg, TX

n Awarded $1,100 for the 2010-2011 Academic Year for Continuing Education.

NCWIT TA Scholarship Edinburg, TX

n Awarded $1,600 for the 2010 Spring and Fall Terms to assist Dr. Grabowski.

HSF Lowe's Scholarship Edinburg, TX

n Awarded $2,500 for the 2010-2011 Academic Year for Woman in the Field of Mathematics.


Dr. Sean Lawton, Assistant Professor U. of Texas Pan American, Edinburg, TX

n Phone: 956-665-3452, Email:

Dr. Laura Grabowski, Assistant Professor U. of Texas Pan American, Edinburg, TX

n Phone: 956-381-8106;

Gustavo Rivera, Lecturer U. of Texas Pan American, Edinburg, TX

n Phone: 956-381-8106; Email:

Juan Ovalle, Learning Specialist I U. of Texas Pan American, Edinburg, TX

n Phone: 956-665-2585; Email:

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Eating Habits

So, while out eating at Jason's Deli tonight, Bug and I ordered Mac & Cheese (of course!) and a salad bar plate. I was hoping that I could convince Bug to nibble on some veggies between mac bites. Well, by the time the meal was over, not only did Bug eat most of the veggies, but she pushed the 1/4 eaten plate of mac MY way and told me not to eat HER veggies.

and then she munched on peas and carrots and broccoli and cabbage.

:) She's a GREAT eater!

Monday, January 10, 2011

I sense a pattern here

Jan 8, 2008: Daughter is born with the faintest of heart murmurs. Saw a cardiologist. Cause: Heart is a little too big. Cure: Nothing to do, let her grow into it. (She has.)

Jan 8, 2009: Hospitalized for RSV and MRSA. In hospital 1 week.

Jan 8, 2010: ER visit for MRSA. Given medication and sent home.

Jan 8, 2011: Ear ache, nasal congestion, fever. I'm STILL awake....

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Spring Cleaning

Spring Break.  So, I’m free from having to do much of anything, so I’m keeping the house… I’ve cleaned and organized one closet and half our living space. Tomorrow, I tackle the entertainment side of things and get my old computer desk ready for Josh to haul the fuck outta here. :) Can’t wait. In cleaning, I moved the crib around to give Lori a bit of something closer to her own room. in preparation for her having her own room soon. She’s having a bit of a moment, but it will pass. :) Ah, productivity. How I love thee. Let me spreadsheet the ways… :)

Thursday, January 28, 2010

I am against Same Sex Marriage

My feelings have nothing to do with gay, lesbian, etc etc etc - It has to do with corporations.

Earlier this week, the Supreme Court ruled that disallowing corporations the ability to freely spend on political campaigns went against the corporation’s First Amendment Right to Free Speech.  Corporations are being given Free Speech, as a person, because legally, they ARE people.  People have gender. Therefore, corporations have gender.  And if corporations have gender, and the right to free speech, they also have the right to marriage, and if same sex marriage is legalized corporations could also marry, thereby bypassing any anti-merger laws, no?

Extra Letters: Corporate campaign contributions‎ - 2 hours ago

EDITOR: The Supreme Court's decision to strike down a 100-year-old ban on corporate spending on political campaigns is, among other things, ...

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It’s scary stuff.